miniWEBedit 2.0.5

Simple HTML editor for webpage creation


  • Excellent for those learning HTML
  • Features ready to use code for buttons etc


  • No advanced editing functions
  • No auto syntax error checking


miniWEBedit is an (X)HTML editor that allows you to easily create web pages even if you have relatively little HTML knowledge.

The editor contains a tutorial with easy-to-use samples to add buttons, tables, lists, Google search code, JumpMenus and other useful little add-ons to make the page-building process easier. The CSS Editor allows you to create new styles as well as import .css sheets from other sites. Adding Tags, colors and accented characters too is a very simple process.

While building your page, you can switch to preview mode to see how it looks in a browser, validate code at different Markup Validation sites and access the W3C site instantly to get online help if you're in doubt how to apply tags, attributes etc.

Advanced programmers and HTML editors will find nothing new or particularly sophisticated about miniWEBedit but it's a great little tool for beginners.

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miniWEBedit 2.0.5

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